Qualität Jakość Kwaliteit Quality


Clean label · Natural · No E-numbers · No Glutamates · Allergen-free · No GMO

Today, these are key requirements in food production.

"More and more consumers are concerned about additives in foods. Natural ingredients without glutamate and free of allergens are key requirements in today's food production."

We produce modern spice extract blends in tune with the times.

Our strengths are individual flavour solutions tailored to your wishes. You won't find standardised blends in our range. Responding to your orders, we manufacture spice extract blends in sprinklable, liquid or paste form.

Crucial to all our products is flavour.

"However, we also insist on easy, reliable handling and optimum solubility.
This ensures excellent results whatever your application. "

Benefit from our know-how.
We will be happy to send you samples, and also to advise you on labelling.

Spice extracts are created from spices, herbs, fruits and roots. Even today, they are mainly produced using the traditional steam distilling process. This is how the valuable flavour substances are extracted without damaging their quality.

Our careful selection of raw ingredients and combination of the various extracts enable us to produce top-quality spice extract blends tailored to your requirements.

You benefit from these advantages of seasoning with extracts:

High flavour stability
Our tasters fine-tune the blends to ensure you always get the same intensity and flavour.

Optimum solubility
This simplifies production and leads to a clear product

Long shelf life
Makes material planning easier

Germ-free extracts
Do not affect the microbiology of your product