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Convenience Foods

Industrial producers constantly call for innovative products.

Especially when it comes to ready meals and convenience foods, new ideas are always in demand.

This is where we support you with our extensive programme of spice extracts and pastes.

  • Fast sample deliveries (within 24 hours)
  • Immediate documentation (specification, GMO, allergens)
  • Individual consultation with your own personal contact
  • Creation of your own distinctive recipes

Simply ask us, however exotic your application!

Consistence per 100 kg
Brown sauce 100g
Game roast 200g
Garden herbs 100g
Goulash soup 100g
Herb butter 100g
Herbes de Provence 100g
Herbs 100g
Leek 100g
Light sauce 100g
Mediterranean herbs 100g
Mixed vegetables , with carrot flavour 100g
Mixed vegetables , with pepper flavour 100g
Onion roast 100g
Pichelsteiner pot 100g
Pizza sauce 100g
Poultry soup 50g
Ratatouille 100g
Roast gravy 200g
Sauerbraten (pot roast) 100g
Savoury sauce 100g
Serbian bean soup 100g
Soup herbs 100g
Soup vegetables 50g
Worcestershire sauce 500g
Consistence per 100 kg
"El Paso" tomato sauce 50g
"Napoli" tomato sauce 50g
Asian meals 50g
Curry 50g
Nasi goreng 100g
Ras el Hanout 100g
Tex mex 100g
Thai meals 100g
Tikka masala 100g
Consistence per 100 kg
Onionissimo seasoning sauce 300g
Savoury seasoning sauce 100g
Worcestershire sauce 300g
Worcestershire-type sauce 300g
Legend :
= acetic acid carrier = viscous = sprinklable = cooking oil carrier = paste = liquid