Gewürzextrakte Ekstrakty jednoprzyprawowe Kruidenextracten Spice extracts

Individual Spice Extracts

Apart from spice blends for various industries, we also produce individual extracts for a wide range of applications.

Whatever the flavour, we supply our products in various consistencies:

  • Sprinklable
  • Viscous
  • Liquid

We also supply small packs.

We will be happy to send you samples - simply ask us!

Consistence per 100 kg
Aniseed 50g
Basil 50g
Bay leaf 50g
Blood orange 50g
Caraway 50g
Cardamom 50g
Carrot 50g
Cayenne pepper 40g
Celeriac 50g
Chili 50g
Chives 50g
Cinnamon 50g
Clove 50g
Coriander 50g
Cumin 50g
Curry 50g
Dill 50g
Fennel 50g
Garlic 50g
Ginger 50g
Grapefruit 100g
Horseradish 100g
Juniper berries 50g
Leek 100g
Leek 100g
Lemon 50g
Lemon zest 50g
Lemon zest 50g
Lemongrass 100g
Lime 100g
Lovage 50g
Mace 40g
Majoram 50g
Mandarin orange 50g
Nutmeg 50g
Onion , fresh 30g
Onion , roasted 100g
Onion , fried 500g
Onion , pearl 30g
Orange 50g
Orange zest 40g
Oregano 50g
Paprika , hot 30g
Parsley 100g
Pepper , 5-fold 25g
Pepper , 2.5-fold 50g
Pimento 50g
Rosemary 50g
Savory 50g
Tarragon 50g
Tarragon 50g
Tarragon , extra fine 50g
Thyme 50g
Turmeric 50g
Vanilla 250g
Wild garlic 50g
Legend :
= acetic acid carrier = viscous = sprinklable = cooking oil carrier = paste = liquid