Sauerkonserven Warzywa konserwowe Zure conserven Pickled preserves

Pickled Preserves

Spice aromas based on acetic acid are what give pickled preserves their flavour.

We supply an extensive selection of spice compositions for all kinds of products in the pickled preserves industry.

From the widest range of gherkin preserves such as spiced and delicatessen gherkins or cornichons and gherkin sticks to red cabbage or beetroot preserves – our natural herb aromas give your product a distinctive flavour.

Our products stand out for their consistent quality and optimal safety.

You have enough on your plate during the harvesting season, so it's good to know you can rely on our fast, fuss-free deliveries.

Consistence per 100 kg
Azia gherkins 50g
Cornichons 50g
Delicatessen gherkins , extra strong 50g
Delicatessen gherkins , savoury 50g
Delicatessen gherkins , with dill flavour 50g
Delicatessen gherkins , with garlic flavour 50g
Delicatessen gherkins , Znaimer style 50g
Fine baby gherkins , savoury 50g
Fresh gherkins 50g
Gherkin pot , with onion flavour 50g
Gherkin slices 50g
Gherkin sticks , harmonious 50g
Gherkin sticks , smooth 50g
Gherkin sticks , smooth and savoury 50g
Honey gherkin 50g
Hot baby gherkins , smooth and savoury 50g
Mustard gherkins , smooth 50g
Mustard gherkins , with dill-lemon flavour 50g
Peeled gherkins , smooth 50g
Peeled gherkins , smooth and herby 50g
Pickled gherkins , herby and savoury 50g
Pickled gherkins , herby 50g
Pickled gherkins , Spreewälder style 50g
Sandwich gherkin pieces 100g
Schnitzel gherkins 50g
Silesian gherkin bites 50g
Consistence per 100 kg
Baby corn on the cob 50g
Bean salad 50g
Beetroot , with coriander flavour 50g
Beetroot , with caraway flavour 50g
Beetroot , Scandinavian style 50g
Carrot salad , harmonious and strong 50g
Carrot salad , smooth and fresh 50g
Celery salad 50g
Cucumber salad 50g
Horseradish 100g
Pearl onions 100g
Puszta salad 50g
Red cabbage , harmonious and smooth 50g
Squash , fruity 50g
Squash , smooth 50g
Tomato paprika , smooth and savoury 50g
Tomato paprika , fresh 50g
White cabbage salad , coriander flavour 100g
White cabbage salad , caraway flavour 100g
Consistence per 100 kg
Aspic vinegar 50g
Frying vinegar , for fried fish infusions 20g
Gherkin vinegar , herby and fresh 20g
Gherkin vinegar , harmonious herb flavour 20g
Herb vinegar 20g
Herb vinegar , with tarragon and dill flavour 20g
Herb vinegar , Swiss style 20g
Herb vinegar , with fine garlic flavour 20g
Spiced vinegar , with tarragon flavour 20g
Stock vinegar , also for marinade infusions 20g
Legend :
= acetic acid carrier = viscous = sprinklable = cooking oil carrier = paste = liquid