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Meat Products

In the meat products industry, spice extracts are becoming increasingly important.

The factors that matter most here are optimum dosability as well as consistent quality compared with spices.

What's more, extracts are practically germ-free. This is a huge bonus in terms of product safety.

Our extracts are used in the entire range of products made in the meat industry - from boiled or cooked sausage to jelly and aspic products right through to raw sausage meat.

Whether you want a fried onion paste or a wild garlic extract, a spice blend for your innovative aspic or an aromatic pepper extract – our programme covers everything the meat products industry requires.

We will be happy to send you samples - simply ask us!

Consistence per 100 kg
Fried onion 500g
Garlic extract 100g
Lovage extract 100g
Mace extract 100g
Marjoram extract 50g
Onion extract 100g
Pepper extract 50g
Roast onion 100g
Wild garlic 100g
Consistence per 100 kg
Aspic , strong and savoury 50g
Aspic , harmonious and spicy 250g
Bierschinken 200g
Boiled ham 100g
Boiled sausage 100g
Curing brine , savoury for boiled ham 100g
Curing brine , garlic/juniper flavour 100g
Curing brine , celeriac flavour 100g
Jelly , strong and spicy 80g
Jelly , spicy with coriander flavour 50g
Jelly , gherkin flavour 50g
Meat loaf 100g
Mortadella 200g
Pork roast 100g
Poultry 200g
Salami , Hungarian style 100g
Sauerbraten (pot roast) 100g
Stock , granulated 100g
Thüringer sausage 100g
Veal liver sausage 100g
Vegetables in aspic 100g
Consistence per 100 kg
Braised onion 500g
Garlic , fried 500g
Onion , fried 100g
Roast onion 100g
Legend :
= acetic acid carrier = viscous = sprinklable = cooking oil carrier = paste = liquid