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The special basic flavour with a meat stock character for delicatessen products, ready meals, sauces, soups etc.

Developed and produced in-house.

You can choose from 4 varieties or flavours:

  • Tortuga traditional
  • Tortuga spicy
  • Tortuga exotic curry
  • Tortuga seafood

We will be happy to send you samples - simply ask us!

Consistence per 100 kg
Tortuga , „Original“ 300g
Tortuga , without glutamate 300g
Tortuga , savoury 200g
Tortuga , savoury without glutamate 200g
Consistence per 100 kg
Tortuga , traditional 50g
Tortuga , spicy 50g
Tortuga , exotic curry 50g
Tortuga , seafood 30g
Legend :
= acetic acid carrier = viscous = sprinklable = cooking oil carrier = paste = liquid