Fisch / Feinkost Ryby / specjały Vis / Delicatessen Fish / delicatessen

Fish / Delicatessen

Benefit from our more than 60 years of experience in adding flavour to fish and delicatessen products.

Whether you produce matjes, Bismarck herring or herring salad - we have the widest range of spices for your products.

Finely balanced in taste, our natural spice extracts come in liquid or sprinklable form.

Enjoy the freedom of a choice that goes beyond ready-made mixes.

We listen to your ideas, then compose the individual flavour that defines your brand.

We will be happy to send you samples - simply ask us!

Consistence per 100 kg
Anchovy 50g
Aspic bites 50g
Bismarck herring 40g
Cold marinades , harmonious 50g
Cold marinades , very spicy, savoury 40g
Cooking marinades , harmonious 250g
Cooking marinades , herby 100g
Dill bites 50g
Fish special 200g
Frying marinades , ginger flavour 50g
Frying marinades , juniper flavour 50g
Herb herring 50g
Jelly infusion , with lemon flavour 50g
Jelly infusion , herby, fresh 40g
Matjes 30g
Mustard-cream herring fillet 100g
Stock , very spicy, harmonious 40g
Stock , with clove flavour 30g
Worcestershire sauce 500g
Consistence per 100 kg
Budapest salad 50g
Coleslaw 100g
Cucumber salad 150g
Delicatessen gherkin 100g
Fruit aroma for delicatessen salads , lemon flavour 50g
Herring dip 100g
Herring salad , savoury and spicy 50g
Leek 50g
Meat salad , with horseradish flavour 50g
Meat salad , classic 50g
Pasta salad 100g
Potato salad 80g
Poultry salad 150g
Tomato ketchup 50g
Tsatsiki 150g
Waldorfsalat 50g
Consistence per 100 kg
Danish remoulade sauce 100g
Dip , chilli type 100g
Dip , gherkin type 100g
Dip , curry type 100g
Dressing , fresh and spicy 100g
Dressing , with garlic flavour 100g
Dressing , fruity, with onion flavour 200g
Dressing , Swiss style 150g
Mayonnaise , spicy 50g
Sauce Hollandaise 100g
Shashlik sauce 100g
Consistence per 100 kg
Bavarian style 50g
Dijon mustard 50g
English mustard 50g
Mustard extract 100g
South-German mustard 50g
Legend :
= acetic acid carrier = viscous = sprinklable = cooking oil carrier = paste = liquid