Molkereiprodukte Produkcja serów / mleczarstwo Kaasindustrie / zuivelfabrieken Cheese industry / dairy products

Cheese Industry / Dairy Products

Quality flavours fine-tuned to your products make all the difference.

Our hugely varied extract compositions give you the scope to achieve special flavours. Develop your products using choice liquid or sprinklable spice extracts.

From Herbes de Provence to mushroom to fruity nuances, we offer a fascinating selection of tastes.
Our extracts are used for instance in cream cheeses, herb cheeses and cheese spreads.

From herb butter to yogurt.
Our products are in demand wherever there's an emphasis on distinctive taste.

We will be happy to send you samples - simply ask us !

Consistence per 100 kg
"Florida" fruit aroma 50g
Blood orange 50g
Chili extract 30g
Chives 50g
Curry 50g
Fresh garden herbs 50g
Fresh onion 30g
Garlic 50g
Gherkin 50g
Herb butter 100g
Herbes de Provence 100g
Herbs , strong 300g
Italian herbs 100g
Leek 100g
Lemongrass 100g
Mandarin orange 50g
Pepper extract 50g
Tsatsiki 50g
Vanilla 250g
Wild garlic 50g
Legend :
= acetic acid carrier = viscous = sprinklable = cooking oil carrier = paste = liquid